In The Light Again

Michigan’s Hill Auditorium

It was like coming home; sitting in front of a big audience, with the light on us, there’s hardly a better scenario. Campus Band may only be a recreational ensemble of both exceptional and average players, but Sunday’s performance showed that everyone can be ‘musically disciplined’ when it’s show time on stage.

Personally, it’s a wonderfully pleasant return to the stage, to be among peers, playing for the world to hear. Also, it’s one thing to appreciate good music, and it’s another to be able to create that which is beautiful, so you can say I’m mightily grateful for my gift in music, even though I’m not some prodigy or professional. As I was playing, a wave of familiarity took over, and I felt so much at peace, akin to times when I play the piano alone in a sound-proof room. When you’re aware of your boundless expression through music, you realize there’s so much more inside of us than we can quantify or blabber out in words.

Not sure if I can carry on reading scores in the Winter term, as practices may clash with fencing schedules. But at the very least, I discovered an old love and maybe many more things will lead from there. All in the process of life.


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