Campus Tour

Despite having this blog up for a little over 2 years, I don’t think I’ve ever formally introduced the University of Michigan to the non-Michigan readers (of which I hope there are quite a handful). To start off, here are some shots taken recently on one of the nicer days. UMich campus is big, so this is by far only scratching the surface of this fine learning institution.

Law Quad

(Above) A golden, heart-shaped tree with the Law Quad in the background.

(Above) The Martha Cook all-girls dormitory, one of many dormitories peppered around campus.

bell tower

(Above) From left, Hill Auditorium, Burton Bell Tower, and Rackham Auditorium — each and every one an icon of Central Campus.

tappan apartment

(Above) Where I’m living this year!

Diag Flag

(Above) The towering mast that watches all walk past in the Central Diag. Instills great pride if you’re patriotic to either of the two flags.



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2 responses to “Campus Tour

  1. anthony

    wow… your picture taking skills are getting better. THe pictures looks so appealing. haaa haa haa haa.

    Hopefully will get a chance to visit soon. (“.)

  2. Ted K

    Yoz, thanks man! The photos are ok…still looking to be more creative with them =)

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