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Having not traveled for both Fall and Thanksgiving break, I needed to make the upcoming Winter break one that could sufficiently make up for the other two. First there was the golden opportunity to revisit Hawaii (my first time was in ’95) but that got thrown out of the window because the good deals start before my exams are over. Time ran short, and so I jumped onto another island — in the Caribbean. While not one of the holy grails of the region (like Bahamas, Costa Rica), Puerto Rico still sounds spicy enough for me to get excited.

How I miss the sun. The early sunsets and saturnine skies in Michigan are taking their toll, and many things have lost their luster. The semester has been the biggest for disappointments, dished out from the oven of a fast food chain. Hot and grossly inedible. I would just like to lay back on my leather chair and say “I’m done,” but it’ll never be, because He won’t let me either. So, even though my second try at the GRE adds to the list of letdowns, I’m shoving that list in my desk drawer and will instead dream of the sunny seas of both the Caribbean and the future.


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