New classy restaurant = night out! Vinology opened sometime between last winter and this fall, next to Kai Garden on Main St. Its sign reads a very uninspiring “Eat, Drink, Shop” and we didn’t even see any possibility of shopping.

Interior is rather drab, with very poor lighting and an overcrowded bar resembling happy hour at a low-class club. The munching gang consisted of me, Wilson, Aaron, John, Ming (the former invincible bachelor) and Liyu (the former critic of M.I.S). They had the audacity to squeeze six of us in a booth, which made eating quite a chore. I ordered the quaintly-named Brick Pressed Duck Breast that tasted pretty good, but not good enough for it’s $20 price tag.

So while food quality gives the props, ambience and price really pulls the grade down. I suppose that’s why we try things out, so that we know the mediocre places that need avoiding in the future.



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4 responses to “Vinology

  1. un-invinciblablized bachelor

    wow, looks like ur xti is working wonders with that night shot. or is it the lens that makes the diff? damn gian to get a dslr… but… >

  2. Ted K

    haha well Main St was quite well lit that night, but yeah dslr will surely take better shots at night la…even flash somemore haha. Eh join the dslr club…now Ed also has a xti! =)

  3. Rahul

    Dude, its Vinology…really, they are all wine experts and you get some pretty good wine for reasonable prices. Food is so-so agreed, but you should be going for the wine!!

  4. Ted K

    Rahul, so you’ve been there before! Yeah none of us tried the wines, for some reason. I did see the full book of wines they have available though. If I do go back, I’ll def take up your suggestion of trying a glass of red or something =)

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