San Juan

El Morro fort/castle.

It’s day 3 here in San Juan, Puerto Rico. That’s three glorious days of warmth and sunshine. Because I don’t have time to write a travel documentary, here are some little appetizing notes for potential travelers.

  • Food in touristy places are severely overpriced.
  • Public transportation is sorely lacking and taxi drivers are extortionists.
  • Knowing some basic Spanish is helpful.
  • Walking around with a medium-duty tripod discourages would-be attackers.
  • Condado is the place for gays.
  • Puerto Rico does have some amazingly gorgeous women

Tomorrow we’re off to an off-shore island — Vieques!



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2 responses to “San Juan

  1. Puerto Rico!! Hurhur (jealous).

  2. Ted K

    Yeahhh..if only you were here =)

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