Last Frieze Wall

Any day now, and the Frieze Building will be but a memory. Some would say it’s just a building, and my weekly one-hour class during my first semester can hardly count as having a connection with this century old building.

But I’ve learned that physical reminders are just as poignant as our fleeting memories. They preserve that which is soluble in our minds, and when we attempt feebly to hold on, they provide a face, a surface, for us to feel. Even smell.

Give Ann Arbor another 5 years and a new landscape will be presented. The expansion of the Art Museum is almost done; the business school upgrade is near complete. In 2010, new high-rise luxury apartments will replace Village Corner. So is it wrong to hang on to every brick that still stands?



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2 responses to “Last Frieze Wall

  1. MC

    Village corner will be gone?
    what a pity..

  2. Ted K

    Yeah it’ll be gone at least during construction. It might reopen in the new ‘building’ when it’s done, so at least it won’t be so old and decrepit anymore haha

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