I’m beginning to believe that you can’t really plan for the big L word — life. Be it a 5 year plan or a “take it as it comes” attitude, it’s tough to have any idea what life — or the big guy upstairs — has in store for you.

When I look back, every significant event in my life either happened out of the blue or played out away from expectations (meaning better or worse than initially thought). That’s not to say that life is bad, because unpredictability keeps it interesting, but I think I’m done trying to carve out every stroke of my life. I’m grateful for the surprises from up above, and I’ll let the same forces govern as much of my life as I can take.



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2 responses to “Surprises

  1. I know what you mean: I think with Life you can’t really set certain rules because it makes living a little too pedantic that way. With the creation (or perhaps existence) of Chance, it makes day-to-day activities more of a gamble. You win some, you lose now and then, but it’s always coming out of it all a little more wiser that counts.

    How have you been by the way? I swear, Adelaide is infested with FLIES! Bah that summer curse!

  2. Ted K

    OMG you finally showed up in this world…haha. I was beginning to think you left us all for some higher literary (or medical) plane. I think I haven’t chatted with u in quite a while…where have u been?

    This sem is going quite well! My last chapter of my life…lol. Boy do I have loads to tell. =)

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