A Step Onto New Land

Life is good, really. It makes the occasional complaint in my head kind of embarrassing. Love is in the air, classes are smooth-sailing, money isn’t an issue, a midterm on Monday went fairly well (I would think), fencing this weekend at Notre Dame, and then Miami for 4 days.

Life is good.

At the same time, still somewhat apprehensive of the future. But I know whatever comes, God is looking out for me. Who knows, maybe I won’t end up being a professional journalist at all. As of now, I haven’t even been reporting on events right here. Why have I lost the drive to excel? Even in fencing, I’ve become indifferent over team selection, slack in training. It sounds stupid, but it almost feels like I just want to retire after a lifetime of work. Nevertheless, life is good.

Graduate schools, hurry up with your application reviews and stop leaving me hanging!


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