Return From Wonderland

Just two and a half hours on a jet plane and it’s instant teleportation from the balmy beaches of Miami to snow-stormy Michigan. How depressing.

But those 4 days in Miami were near perfect, with good weather, good food, and most importantly the best company. Our Clay Hotel was close enough to the beach (about 10 min walk), smack in the middle of Espanola Way. Room was decent enough, though we had to share the bathroom with our neighbor since we took the ‘budget’ category. Still, there was television, air conditioner, refrigerator and best of all free WiFi!

Clay Hotel Budget Room

Some may point out three whole days isn’t enough to see all of Miami and the neaby areas (like Key West, Everglades, and I agree with that) but we were content with simply the cool weather, beaches and strolling around downtown. Apart from taking in the laid back lifestyle and architecture of the Deco buildings, we visited the gorgeous Vizcaya Mansion that used to be a business magnate’s winter home.

This one photo doesn’t do justice to the magnificence of this estate. Even the Istana back in Singapore can’t compare to the richness of this place. Lovely spot to pose for photos too haha. To prove my point, there were two brides taking glamor shots while we were there! However, this was the only day where temperatures dropped somewhat and so we were too chilly in our thin tees. For anyone going to Miami, I highly recommend visiting Vizcaya!

For more photos, see my highlights of Miami. =)



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3 responses to “Return From Wonderland

  1. ZK

    Great place.. great food.. great Company

  2. Diyana

    Wonderful!! 🙂

  3. Ted K

    thanks dudes…it was short but i haven’t had so much fun on a trip in quite a while =)

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