I Will Go

Three years of hard work is coming to an end. I’ll have one last chance to don on the famous blue and maize for fencing Nationals. Up till yesterday, there was ambiguity over whether I would get selected, since there’s a recent new addition to the squad who is no slacker himself and can equally hold his own.

I reasoned, if I did not get selected, it means my availability for the Singaporeans’ graduation farewell party, as well as to support a friend performing in a concert. But since that fog has been lifted, it’s time to commit wholeheartedly to the team’s cause. Missing the party would be a sore and is certainly lamentable, but fencing has been my staple activity for the past three years, and Nationals will be the fairytale swan song.

We already did it last year — win Nationals — and I am proud to be one blade among many to have contributed to that trophy. Though we may not come as close this time, there’s still plenty to fence for, both for the school and for personal reasons.


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