The Plan: Take It As It Comes

The Future
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Six years ago I believed my destiny lay beyond the shores of Singapore. Back then I found her education system revolting; the cold whip and brain-boring drill used to shove math and science formulas disgusted me. Faring not much better, the deploring Arts scene was stifling, under-developed and seriously lacking in funding. How was I to make it as a writer earning a living? Naturally, if one has to find blame, where else to look but at Big Brother — the government.

But time away from my birthplace allowed me to do a simple ‘A&B’ comparison. A cost-and-benefit analysis, if you will. Without going so much into the negatives, I came to realize Singapore offered stability in the markets and safety on the streets. As I fondly remembered the friendships forged over two decades, just about all of them call Singapore home and will remain there. Even the once accursed National Service didn’t appear like a time-sucker anymore. Now I think of it as an extended outdoor camp where I got to shoot macho rifles and earn a free driving license. Oh, and it built character and leadership too.

Yes, for all those reasons, and possibly more, I desired to go home. Or at least, I knew my long-term future lay back in the South East. That hasn’t changed. Yet who can predict the future? Six years ago I could have said Kerry was going to be the ‘most powerful man in the world,’ but look who showed up. Right now the plan is to gain work experience (and hopefully some money) in the U.S for a few years. Although I can’t envision myself permanently settling down, who knows?

On a similar wavelength, much of the argument over which Graduate school to attend (see previous posts) circles around the same clout of, and paranoia for, the future. I’m trying to pick the school that will result in the least regrets and sacrifices, but the chips in one’s Poker table can go as easily as it came. A decision that is made in the best interests now may not lead to a future that would be in my best interests then. So how will I (or anyone, for that matter) know? We don’t, and perhaps that makes life as exciting — and scary — as it should be.



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3 responses to “The Plan: Take It As It Comes

  1. Cindy

    Is school almost over for you already? Seemed like only a while back.
    Can’t say I know better but if choosing a graduate school based on cost and/or prestige is becoming a tough call, perhaps putting your dilemma before Him in prayer will pave the way for the finance and a clearer picture of your destiny.

  2. Rahul

    You’re right about the poker analogy, which is precisely why I like the sport of poker: every situation in the world can be summed up accurately by a poker hand. Yes, its true.

    In any case, you should think about it this way: Yes, the chips may come as easily as they go, but does that mean we play/act recklessly? No, in fact we base our decisions on what we think has a higher odds/probability of success. Relating that back to poker, even though sometimes we may lose out in the short run to ‘unexpected’ or ‘unlikely’ events, if we keep playing our strategy knowing that we have even a small edge (winning probability of 60-70%), we will definitely win in the long run. Its just a matter of faith and patience.

  3. Ted K

    Yeah I’ve been praying a lot..and thinking a lot as a poker player as well. haha. I’m getting closer to an answer but I’ll wait till the last possible moment to make a decision.

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