The Graduate’s New Clothes

Catching up with friends whom you’ve not seen in a while always crank-starts the gossip/news machine. This was clearly exemplified in tonight’s dinner with Alvin and Jeff. What else do old senior graduating cronies talk about? Grad school, work permits and life beyond all that. I got to update my mental organizer and keep up to date with who’s doing what, and who’s going where. Since I’ve been ‘schpealing‘ over grad school lately, why not do a complete roster for the soon-to-fly seniors:

Mut, Christine — MIT
Sel, Esther, Ser, Han — Stanford
Val, Lenny — Duke
Jer, Chin — USC
Jem — Berkeley
Yuhui, Ed, Chaybe, Junhui, John — Columbia
Jeff — UNC
Fengyi — Michigan

Everyone else either has a job waiting or is remaining for one more semester of undergrad studies. And myself? Northwestern or Columbia. Haha.

Or who knows, maybe none.


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