Get Your Hands On It

A fabricated tornado

A fabricated tornado

Not many people know about Ann Arbor‘s Hands-on Museum — mistakenly labeled as a kid’s science museum — but I can testify that college students can have a lot of fun learning cool trivia on geography, physics and much more. The best part? We get our hands dirty in the process.

Among the ‘experiments’ to play with are what you see here: artificially-constructed tornadoes, locking mechanisms, manipulations of light, and a simulated ice rock wall. The museum isn’t big, and even with four stories, the entire excursion can be completed comfortably in just over three hours.

Apparently the museum is rated one of the best places to have fun in Ann Arbor, so I’m quite baffled as to how some of my most loyal friends to Michigan haven’t heard of it. Well if you can take my word, then spending a relaxing afternoon making your fingers and mind work won’t be a disappointment. For information, check it out.

More photos:

Learning how keys 'lock'

Learning how keys lock

Guolu doing a dance!

Guolu doing a dance!


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