Desperate Yancy

Desperate Yancy

Continuing a recap of the two months lost in time, the memories shift to one of the last few days in Singapore. It was a Sunday afternoon, and best friend Augustine invited me and Guo Lu to run riot with his new Nintendo Wii. From experience, Wii always equals good-old fun and laughter. That was true two years ago (in Las Vegas) and it still is now.

It’s a pity we only had a little short of two hours to play, because such games could go on through the night. The classic Wii Sports was on from start to finish, and here the photos show us trying to knock each other silly. Boxing isn’t my favorite game though — that honor falls to either tennis or golf.

That was to be the last day I saw Augustine, with this ritual rehashed every year for the past three. He’d always be the last friend to say goodbye, because I leave the most important closest to the point of departure. Of course now he has relinquished that to someone else, but no matter. He’s always been there for help and friendship, longer than any other non-blooded relative. I sometimes smile when I imagine how happy he is with Yancy.

Guo Lu and me duking it out!

Guo Lu and me duking it out!

Yancy and Augustine's turn!

Yancy and Augustine's turn!

Because my short stint in Singapore this summer was spent mostly in the office (doing my internship), not much time could be spared for times like this, where good friends could catch up. There isn’t any hard data, but I’m awfully sure I met up with less people this summer than any in the past three years. Granted this was also my shortest stay, but sometimes I lament diving head first into having a work-filled schedule just after graduation. But now time has moved on, and it’s back to school. Somehow, I get the icky feeling my social life is going all wrong again.

I’m not sure if I know the solution.



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2 responses to “Wii-eee…

  1. Anthony

    Hi Ted,

    It’s so good to see and read that you are back in the blogshpere. I’m always looking forward to read your posts and eager to know your updates. Glad to see that you’re pursuing your passion well and good.

    With regards to the Wii, I totally agree with you. It is really very fun and can be addictive especially if you see the whole range of games like Wii Fit, Mario Kart, Raving Rabbits etc. Those are the games that’ll get you on your feet too.

    Well, didn’t managed to catch up with you over your short stint back in Singapore. Look forward to the next time ba.

    In the meantime, continue to grow strong and stay focus on your passion and dreams. God bless!!! (“,)

  2. tedsaid

    Hi Anthony,

    haha yeah the time in sg was too short this time, plus I was working all the way. thanks for the well wishes! hope you’re doing okay too

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