The Pa(l)in of it All

Too bad, I wanted Governor Palin to fall flat in front of her Alaskan boots last night in the Vice-Presidential debate. Instead, she impressed me and I’d bet a lot of other viewers in America (about 80% felt she did better than expected). But no way did she beat Senator Biden. Biden was crisp, articulate and at times even strongly accentuated the important points. Palin, on the other hand, contributed a lot more cringe-worthy words and phrases, trying to play the please-all, do-harm-to-none mother from Alaska. This was sugar coating with a very bad taste.

Some of her hiccups you probably have already heard. “Drill baby drill?” And “My brother who I think is the best school teacher in the year?” “Say it isn’t so, Joe!” Her arrogance is akin to the GOP convention some weeks back, but there’s not a touch of reservation, more so appalling with her short track record in national politics. Alaska is an important state, but I don’t doubt for a second that it’s in its own world because of the huge geographical separation.

The biggest hoo-ha also came under Palin: “Policy ad partisanship all coming together at this time recognizing he (McCain) is the mean to leave… to lead.” Maybe Palin isn’t all that supportive of McCain? She also mentioned that running with McCain was simply “a nice thing.” Talk about pleasantries.

And the misses just keep on coming. Calling General Petraeus a “great American hero” and John McCain “another hero” is in my mind a bad move to try and coax the American voter’s hand into writing down McCain in the ballot form. McCain served his country with honor in the Vietnam war, but I believe his patriotic feelings are getting personal because of the way Vietnam turned out and hence he refuses to concede Iraq as a defeat. It’s also not a very widely known fact that McCain had extra-marital affairs during his first marriage. Coupled with Bristol Palin‘s teen pregnancy, I don’t see how they can take care of a country when they can’t take care of their own family relationships.

Has anyone thought of the prospect that Palin will be President? I think it’s a scary proposition. Matt Damon certainly does so:

Damon’s reference to Putin wasn’t a side remark. If you wondered where that came from, recall Palin’s abysmal response to foreign policy questions when posed by CBS’ Katie Couric:

Suddenly the visual image of Palin shying away from Putin’s demeaning stare becomes all the more possible and frightening. Americans need to understand this when they vote. Can Palin deal with Maliki, Karzai and Kim Jong Il? This isn’t an attack on a woman’s capability to be president. I won’t be blunt, this piece is all about Palin’s capacity to lead the most rich and powerful nation in the world today. I’m not American so I don’t have an electoral vote, but as an outsider I believe there are some dark days ahead if Republicans do win, nothing is changed, and Palin replaces McCain.



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2 responses to “The Pa(l)in of it All

  1. Guo Lu

    the only thing i know abt the republicans is tt McCain is very pro-war and Palin is very pro-life and she wants to make abortion illegal throughout the States.. =.= isnt tt a bit contradicting?

    And majority of the republicans voted against the bail out bill….grrrr….

  2. tedsaid

    haha yeah it is quite contradicting now that you mentioned it.

    I think the Republicans just voted yes for a new revised bailout plan, so you should be happy!

    Did you watch the Matt Damon video? I keep watching it because it’s really funny. 🙂

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