FotoViewr Takes Plunge into 3D

Simple 3D photo viewing is what you get from FotoViewr, an online plugin that promises you “won’t need to upload your own photos.” The set-up is quick and painless, but the speed really depends how connected you are to online photo albums Flickr and Smugmug. If you don’t already have accounts with photos uploaded, be prepared to spend more than a few minutes getting everything right.

There are several 3D ‘styles’ to choose from, and after selecting the photo set you want to showcase, your photos start ‘living’ in their new world. A really nifty feature is their full screen mode, though expect some pixelation once you hit the button.

I’ve not tried it yet, but Fotoviewr can also link to a range of other programs such as WordPress blogs and Facebook. Because it’s new and still in beta, don’t be surprised if bugs show up to ruin the show. As it stands, my 3D album isn’t showing above, but that may just be a limitation on my browser or computer. Please leave a comment if it works for you. Nevertheless, there may be other 3D photo-viewing software available, but thus far I haven’t seen one that powers up as quickly as Fotoviewr.

Want to check it out?

*update: Even though I’m using WordPress, I can’t seem to upload the Fotoviewr plug-in. It may only work for privately hosted websites that use WordPress as its managing program.



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3 responses to “FotoViewr Takes Plunge into 3D

  1. John Klijnen

    Yep, it doesn’t seem to work on WordPress posts. But on it works ;-|

  2. Thank you for your coverage. Have you tried copying and pasting the HTML code in HTML view in WordPress? We’ve tried it on a bunch of WordPress sites (but obviously we can’t try all). If you copy and paste it into the default view, it won’t work. Thanks.

  3. tedsaid

    Hi John, thanks for the comment.

    Joe, I tried that the first time and it didn’t work. Apparently a chunk of the code gets automatically wiped out after I save and preview the page, leaving only the link to fotoviewr. I just tried it again after your comment and it’s still the same problem.

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