Back To The Old

If a leopard never changes its spots, maybe a dragon never chages its scales. From this short BBC article, it looks like China is once again clamping down on her people’s access rights.

Just a few months ago during the Olympic frenzy, China had reportedly eased restrictions for journalists. Now with those barriers back up, China wants to raise cyber-blocks as well. It’s hard to feel anger towards the Chinese government, because it’s almost expected of them.

But it makes the Chinese people almost a pitiful figure, when “China believes it has a duty to protect public morality.” Can a selected group — even the most elite — decide the morals of a billion people?

A government should do for its people what they cannot do for themselves. Protect them, rescue them. Not take away the rights to evaluate and judge information. It’s like hosting a New Year party for a hundred friends and deciding that Dr. Pepper should be the only beverage available because you absolutely ‘love’ it and averts any possible drunken disaster later in the night.

Whatever you resist, persists. And the Chinese are indeed persistent. If an import is illegal, they’ll find a way to bring it in under the heaviest border security. They are even good in the export market, flooding Ebay with ridiculously cheap third party alternatives to popular electronic products (and even clothing).

Thus it wouldn’t surprise me to see the entrepreneurial and rebellious bunch in China bypass the government’s digital breakers. Secret satelllite signals? Clandestine underwater optic cables? They’ll find a way.


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