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‘Tis A Sad Year

As of March 4th, here are the figures for confirmed attendees for the 2009 Columbia Journalism School Career Expo on March 28th.

Magazines: 11
Newspapers: 5
Wire Services: 6
Alternative Weeklies: 1
Online Media: 10
Television: 15
Radio: 2

Those numbers are useless without comparison. See below for the same list for 2008 and come shed some sympathy.

Magazines: 34
Newspapers: 21
Wire Services: 5
Alternative Weeklies: 3
Online Media: 13
Television: 32
Radio: 6

Look at the colors and they tell the whole story — red means a decline, green means up. For reasons that are obviously more complicated than the economic crisis, there will one more wire service coming to the this year’s expo compared to last year. Every other area of journalism is seeing cuts as high as 50%. You’re right, there are still three weeks before the actual event, but I wouldn’t be crossing my fingers at these numbers increasing significantly.


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Costs of the Art

Photography is keeping me involved in journalism school, and almost keeping me dissolved in the real world. Amidst all the researching, interviewing and writing I do for class assignments, photography is the one activity that I derive the most pleasure from. But it also sweeps the bank clean, because this tech-heavy venture cost as much to sustain a basic living expenses.

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Dreams for the Underdogs

Kevin Terrell/Getty Images

Source: Kevin Terrell/Getty Images

What an amazing day for sports. Although technically Rafael Nadal‘s five-set victory (7-5, 3-6, 7-6, 3-6, 6-2) over Roger Federer in the Australian Open final was yesterday, I didn’t know who won until this morning. No need to hide here: my heart was racing for Nadal, a true-bred Spanish matador who just doesn’t quit. He punches through and penetrates even the most skilled of enemies, in this case Federer.

Sure, Federer is a great player, very similar to ‘pistol’ Pete Sampras whom I had supported. But for some reason I don’t fancy Federer. He’s not obnoxious enough to warrant a hate squad, yet I think my dislike stems from the way he makes it look too easy to win. When players like Nadal sweat and bleed to conquer, Federer dispatches challenges so quickly it’s almost — like they say — a ‘Federer’ express.

That’s why I support Nadal, because he’s the undying kind. The kind that doesn’t quit even though he may not be the brightest talent nor the biggest mouth.

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The (Almost) American Dream

Living a good life in Ann Arbor

Living a good life in Ann Arbor

For three weeks during the Christmas/New Year’s period, I was only two cows shy of living the American Dream. Sustainable, comfortable house? Check. Roaring roadster on the street? Yup. Alright, so I was also missing the fence, two kids, a dog in addition to my acreage of other calling animals. But I was content, with the best company in the greatest of holiday traditions.

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Alive, Kicking, and Reporting

lamp post at Tillary and Adams St.

Savior: lamp post at Tillary and Adams St.

I could have died today.

At about noon on Nov. 17, 2008, I dodged death and injury as a silver minivan skidded and twisted toward me like spinning chainsaw slicing through air. A lamp-post saved my life.

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Hell March To Progress

Created by user tchutchsaga

Man has made progress, lots of it. If you can’t see it in the economy, infrastructure and wealth around us, then stare at what’s right in front of you. That gray, black, or even white computer screen is a whole evolutionary story of its own. Computer games have likewise done a sprint from amoeba to full-fledged running humanoid, and few have withstood the test of time as the Command & Conquer: Red Alert series.

Spawned off the still hugely successful Command & Conquer series, Red Alert played with real-world scenarios twisted by alterations of history. The saga has stretched for 12 years and still growing. Drawing a parallel with the game’s playful nature with time, advances in technology have also marked certain stages of my life.

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Depression Arrives, in More Ways than One

Fridays can be the worst day of the week.

On these days I am assaulted by a heavy and emotional laundry bag, stuffed to the brim with soggy feelings such as lousiness, apprehension, and insecurity. While everyone celebrates the coming of the weekend, I contemplate the dialectic of pursuing journalism.

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