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New York Comic Con

Christopher Burrill, 22, a comics and Star Wars fan, poses beside a Sandtrooper at the entrance of the New York Comic Con.

New York, N.Y., Feb. 7, 2009: Christopher Burrill, 22, a comics and Star Wars fan, poses beside a Sandtrooper at the entrance of the New York Comic Con.

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The Last Read

Yorick, as the last man on earth

Yorick, as the last man on earth

After six months wait since the series closed, I finally learned the ending of Y The Last Man. For the uninitiated, Y is the story of one man’s (Yorick‘s) journey through a world changed — positively and negatively — by women, after a mysterious plague wipes out every male other than the protagonist.

Yorick traveled the world in search for his girlfriend Beth, who was in Australia when the plague hit. Fast forward sixty issues, gunfights, political tussles, women who walked with him, women who came and went, and here we are. If you’ve followed the story of Y on a monthly basis since its premiere many  years ago, then maybe you’ll agree with me it was an ending that tied all of the plot’s loose ends, but left us emotionally yearning for more. Or even incomplete.

All good stories do that.

Especially when the time comes for closure, often we ask ‘why’ something had to happen. A series like Y is still science-fiction and takes us into an unimaginable world. We’re expected to lift our imaginations into another realm, but we don’t realize it also takes us on a higher level philosophically. It feels like we’re forced to see the bigger picture. Reading the series’ end was like taking a one-hour cruise around heaven, then later returning to earth to make sense of what you’ve seen.

There are many lessons we can take from the series, and it’s different for each of us. Perhaps that’s why humans still desire diversity even when we can come into clashes with it. Women could certainly live and flourish without men (if the problem of reproduction was solved), but they may not necessarily want it.

On a personal note, Y reinforced perceptions on how I view life and how I treat people differently. Accept it or not, truth of life is that people come and go, and one day you just have to decide where you’re going, and who you want to take with you. For me, it’s always been about the journey; through that process you’ll find not only the ones who care for you the most, but also someone whom you’d want to share the rest of your life with.

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