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‘Tis A Sad Year

As of March 4th, here are the figures for confirmed attendees for the 2009 Columbia Journalism School Career Expo on March 28th.

Magazines: 11
Newspapers: 5
Wire Services: 6
Alternative Weeklies: 1
Online Media: 10
Television: 15
Radio: 2

Those numbers are useless without comparison. See below for the same list for 2008 and come shed some sympathy.

Magazines: 34
Newspapers: 21
Wire Services: 5
Alternative Weeklies: 3
Online Media: 13
Television: 32
Radio: 6

Look at the colors and they tell the whole story — red means a decline, green means up. For reasons that are obviously more complicated than the economic crisis, there will one more wire service coming to the this year’s expo compared to last year. Every other area of journalism is seeing cuts as high as 50%. You’re right, there are still three weeks before the actual event, but I wouldn’t be crossing my fingers at these numbers increasing significantly.


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Costs of the Art

Photography is keeping me involved in journalism school, and almost keeping me dissolved in the real world. Amidst all the researching, interviewing and writing I do for class assignments, photography is the one activity that I derive the most pleasure from. But it also sweeps the bank clean, because this tech-heavy venture cost as much to sustain a basic living expenses.

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Tweeting Ted

Twitter is rising in fame. Think Facebook's 'status update' on overdrive.

Twitter is rising in fame. Think Facebook's 'status update' on overdrive.

When it comes to trends, I’ve always known to be on the tail end. Twitter has been around since March 2006, and despite all the pokes and points from Columbia Journalism School’s faculty to get on the tweeting bandwagon, my rebellious heart refused to adopt the new and strange.

Twittering involves short 140-character messages posted on your profile page. Unlike facebook’s ‘status updates,’ Twitter allows any one with an internet connection to ‘follow’ your updates. Some use it as an RSS feed — such as ‘experiments with spaghetti recipes,’ for example — while others use it as a big, flung-open window into their lives.

In short, Twitter can be irritatingly mundance, or feverishly addictive.

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We’re snowed in, dragging our furry slippers up and down the stairs of a two-storey house in serene Ann Arbor. In the fourth year of asking, barring a freak spike in global warming, this Thursday will be my first white Christmas. My first in the U.S. in 2005 was holed up in a motel in Memphis, where every one stayed indoors to be with family and where its middle-America location meant no snow.

Next in 2006 was spent at Las Vegas, also too dry and far south to overcome the red sand. It was chilly, but hardly anything in the same freezer as the past few days (-30 Celsius, -22 Fahrenheit). The following year broke all traditions. Tired of shivering through countdowns, I flew to tropical Puerto Rico in 2007 and substituted white snow for yellow sun.

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Depression Arrives, in More Ways than One

Fridays can be the worst day of the week.

On these days I am assaulted by a heavy and emotional laundry bag, stuffed to the brim with soggy feelings such as lousiness, apprehension, and insecurity. While everyone celebrates the coming of the weekend, I contemplate the dialectic of pursuing journalism.

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