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Lounging in the Armory Show


New York, N.Y., March 7th, 2009: Visitors to The Armory Show 2009 view art work by Galerie Thomas. Spread over four days from March 5th to 8th, the show on Piers 92 and 94 features a Modernist component for the first time.

Last weekend I headed to the Armory Show 2009, an annual art fair where expensive works are put in a huge gallery and sold off if prospective buyers are found. Rather than shooting the art, I noticed lookers and buyers easily got tired from all the walking, so here’s a short photo essay on the various methods they took to unwound themselves.

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Cheers for a Better Year


Held on Feb 1, 2009, thousands of tourists and locals gathered in Manhattan's Chinatown to celebrate the 10th annual Lunar New Year parade, popping streamers along the way.

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Brave New World


Enter a new age, one with more striking visuals. On par with my heightened passion in photography, I’ve decided to incorporate something new in Reflec/Ted — the slideshow. Articles and worded posts will still have its place, but whenever appropriate, I will employ images to tell a story.

Here’s the inaugural one: a community concert by the Chinese Music Ensemble of New York, performed on Sunday, Dec. 7, 2008, at 143 Baxter Street.

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Even as we grow older, the song never changes

Even as we grow older, the song never changes

Some of you must have thought I died. Others will think this post is about the sometimes-hot, sometimes-not television series starring Kiefer Sutherland. It’s not that earth-shattering — just a few weeks ago, I turned a year older. As per flimsy tradition, me and a bunch of closer friends trooped down to Peter Luger (famous steakhouse in NY) inspired Benjamin Steakhouse.

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“F” School Full of “A” Support

Parents and the Parent Teacher Association of Public School 8 are not as concerned about their latest “F” grade as they are about keeping their principal Seth Phillips and maintaining a well-rounded education.

“I’m not worried about grades. I’m just worried that they’ll get rid of Phillips,” said Molly Greening, who volunteers as a class parent in the school and whose daughter is in kindergarten at P.S 8.

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Park A Low Priority Among Voters

Democrats living in Brooklyn Heights are geographically the most affected by Brooklyn Bridge Park, yet it provided little direct influence to their voting decisions in Tuesday’s state senate Democratic primary.

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Two Months Later

Alma Mater statue in front of the Low Library

Alma Mater statue in front of the Low Library

Celebrate with me: the blog has been given a fresh shot in the arm. After a two month hiatus — the longest break ever in its 3 year history — I am settled (marginally) at Columbia University, pursuing a one-year’s Master’s program in journalism. Some of you would remember the dilemma I had choosing between Northwestern and Columbia. Now there’s no turning back.

School’s been really busy, with some days I’m out for more than 12 hours, desperately trying to talk to people and finding stories for future use. To make things worse, light renovations messed up the area outside my dorm room when I moved in. But thankfully it’s just been cleared up. (I’ll try to get some photos up of my room soon!)

It’s hard to encapsulate my month in Singapore and the few weeks I’ve been here in New York City, ever since leaving my college days in Michigan behind. For a good while I considered stopping writing, but on occasion I’d get the urge to voice an opinion on an issue or event. That’s when I realized I missed having the online presence.

Give me some time to get my mental and literary bearings right, and in return I’ll try to put in decent and regular posts for all to read. Anyone, feel free to leave comments on the new layout or any interesting anecdotes of your life you’d like to share with everyone =)


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