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Costs of the Art

Photography is keeping me involved in journalism school, and almost keeping me dissolved in the real world. Amidst all the researching, interviewing and writing I do for class assignments, photography is the one activity that I derive the most pleasure from. But it also sweeps the bank clean, because this tech-heavy venture cost as much to sustain a basic living expenses.

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Radio Skills

Recording in the radio lab

Recording in the radio lab

All my life I’d never dabbed a single finger in the pot of radio. Now I have a five-week skills course on writing and producing for it. Radio is a unique form of communication. Once you have the medium (a receiver), the content is free and virtually limitless, perhaps set only by the boundaries of geography. A television signal receiver isn’t as compact as one for radio, while just about all print content is restricted by your willingness to pay. Of course, the big, mighty internet is the omnipotent king of information, but even with the new iPhones and PDAs that leech onto wireless networks, as of today the unseen networks of wi-fi still aren’t as prevalent as radio waves that engulf the world.

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