Ted Who?

“He is the one who is searching for his perfect partner, his perfect place.”

Ted Chen

Ted Chen

I try to use 5 words that might best describe myself:

  • Passionate – Love is truly powerful; it gives me strength to do amazing things I never thought possible
  • Creative – To create is to instigate change, and that is always noble.
  • Faithful – I am faithful to the people, principles and values I care for.
  • Perfectionist – Not an extreme quality, but I still strive to be among the best in everything I do. Sometimes I’m too hard on myself.
  • Independent – I work best alone or in smaller groups; you won’t see me much in large crowds. However I do believe that the best team is still a team of two.

The foremost dream that is in my identifiable horizon is to be a professional writer. Not one who writes only for leisure, but also as an exploration of the creative force – essays, critiques, novels, articles – that can be critically praised or put down. I don’t want my works to be for the sake of money, and I even expect myself to be slogging it out for possibly the rest of my life.

My written work won’t be taken as a gospel, but I do hope that with it I can create a positive influence in people’s lives and from there carry forward into civilized society and finally touching the soul of humanity.

Ultimately, on the grandest of scales, my wish is for the world to be saved. Not from any dire peril of alien origin, but from ourselves. We plague our lands and spin our wheels of fortune so much that we don’t realize it. Worse – we realize it, acknowledge it, yet do nothing. Worst – we realize it, acknowledge it, lie that we are working towards a solution, and yet do nothing.

There is good in this world, but they are overshadowed by our greed and selfishness, and are made reality by the mis-dealings of power brokers and war mongers. And it may always be a losing battle unless the human race can make that leap up the evolution ladder – a form of omniscient awareness that will release the shackles of limited perception and bring forth new light.

Although this may only be accomplished in generations, or even millennia, I still need to make my mark in this lifetime. Personally, I want to die happy, without any major regrets of how my life turned out and of the decisions I made. Most of all, I want to die having loved and having been loved.

“As long as we live in the flesh we only begin to make some progress in that which shall be perfected in the future life.”

– Martin Luther


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