‘Tis A Sad Year

As of March 4th, here are the figures for confirmed attendees for the 2009 Columbia Journalism School Career Expo on March 28th.

Magazines: 11
Newspapers: 5
Wire Services: 6
Alternative Weeklies: 1
Online Media: 10
Television: 15
Radio: 2

Those numbers are useless without comparison. See below for the same list for 2008 and come shed some sympathy.

Magazines: 34
Newspapers: 21
Wire Services: 5
Alternative Weeklies: 3
Online Media: 13
Television: 32
Radio: 6

Look at the colors and they tell the whole story — red means a decline, green means up. For reasons that are obviously more complicated than the economic crisis, there will one more wire service coming to the this year’s expo compared to last year. Every other area of journalism is seeing cuts as high as 50%. You’re right, there are still three weeks before the actual event, but I wouldn’t be crossing my fingers at these numbers increasing significantly.


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