Deep Thinking

While I was on the job today, I was chatting with the general manager of The Food Barn over lunch. Besides chowing on their sumptuous Wild Mushroom Raviolis, we talked about Panda Express, illegal Mexican workers, and life in general. The man may be soft spoken, but he’s had very unique experiences, which I shan’t divulge here.

But when he eventually found out that I was studying in the US, he emphatically got three words out of his mouth as quickly as possible — “don’t come back.” He further reiterates the point that since I’m not on scholarship, there’s even more reason for me to not come back. All this coming from a man who was a scholar, studied overseas, and has seen success in the F&B industry for over 10 years.

When I elaborated on my lifelong desire to have my own family, and that Singapore is probably the place where I have the highest chance of achieving that, he countered with a few different ways/reasons on how to solve that problem. His words? “Don’t come back.”

p.s. 10,000 spam comments are killing me.



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2 responses to “Deep Thinking

  1. Lin

    Isn’t it mind-bloggling how the personalities change so quickly? That is what you get in Michigan. Hahaha…
    Down here in Ohio the people are more laid back and surprisingly, more acceptable.
    Stay calm, something will come your way.
    Btw. I believe it is customary for the boys to ask the girls out here. Alamak, go ask a girl out for .. er … ice cream and a movie loh.

  2. Ted K

    hey thanks for the comment!

    Ohio! Oo they have a grudge against Michigan though. Hur hur =). Yeah I know the guy has to take some action, so I guess I have no excuses. But any kind of motivation is great, so thanks!

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