O.S.U Prelude

Jason Avant
Michigan’s number 8; wide receiver of the Wolverines; ranked 15th this season nationally.

Campus Crusade for Christ organized a talk yesterday for Jason Avant to tell his life story – how Jesus saved his life. For those in the abyss where there is no American Football, Jason Avant is senior co-captain of UMich‘s football team, and by far the biggest star in the team.

What almost everyone didn’t know (including myself) was that he grew up in a very harsh environment, immersed in drugs, violence, and broken families. His road to Michigan is awe-inspiring, and all in the glory of Jesus Christ. And believe me, with the scholarships he had, he could have gone to any university in the U.S.

If ever you need motivation to pursue the dreams in your life, or pick yourself up when you think you’re down, look no further than this guy. All his achievements on and off the field, he attributes to God’s blessing. And I should too.



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2 responses to “O.S.U Prelude

  1. fengyi

    The talk was incredible and I’m glad I went for it too. It’s particularly amazing especially when you consider the fact that he’s a hotshot college athlete and prospective NFL star; yet the humility and the way he attributed everything to God was just so inspiring and entirely admirable.

  2. Ted K

    I know – we’ll be cheering for me for the game!

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