Almost Had It

I was supposed to collect my Blue IC yesterday but not surprisingly the inefficiency of the SAF destroyed that. Now I gotta go back on monday, which also happens to clash with the start of my Arts Camp.

Guan Da And Me
Myself & Guan Da

But not being armed with my IC didn’t stop the BMT Platoon 4 ORD Dinner from happening. Quite a strong showing… almost half the platoon! I hadn’t seen a few for them for like 2 years! In hindsight, how time has passed so quickly. Of course, when you’re actually going through it, it doesn’t feel that fast. So I wonder in another 4 years, after University and all, where would we all be?

Chocolate Cheesecake
Chocolate Cheesecake

After that headed back to the east with Jian Wei to talk about our impending departure. In almost every way we look at it, it’s an impending heartbreak, and from now till August 23rd, it’s gonna get worse and worse till we reach shatter-point.


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